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The Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (UAEM) is one of the most important public state universities in the country, renowned for its academic excellence and a wide range of graduate and undergraduate programmes, its close relationship with different social and economic sectors, in the shaping of highly qualified, ethically aware and humanist professionals.
With broad academic and research experience, UAEM contributes to universal knowledge in numerous fields of science, fostering collaboration with national and international institutions, allowing the increase and potential of our institution’s cultural and scientific heritage, which is always focused at the service of society.
The UAEM is the perfect place for academic, scientific, cultural and sports development, making of collaboration, inclusion and permanent work pillars of its progress. We invite you to learn more about our strengths on our website, where you will find clear and accurate information about the highest house of studies in the State of Mexico.

Leopoldo Flores University Museum

The Leopoldo Flores University Museum is the venue for the 7th International University Visual Arts Biennial.
A space for promotion, research and dissemination of the most relevant expressions of culture and contemporary art.

Leopoldo Flores, creator whose purpose was to pull art out of the galleries and take it to the streets so the audience becomes part of its aesthetic discourse, is an outstanding figure in plastic arts from the second half of the 21st century.

The mission of the museum is to care, study and exhibit the collections donated by the maestro Leopoldo Flores, in addition to being a showcase for the best products in aesthetic teaching and research at UAEM.

Exhibiting collections from representative artists of the new plastic arts wave from around the world, as well as guiding creating forces and educating the audience’s sensitivity and openness when facing the different art expressions of our time.
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