In accordance with articles 1; 2, first paragraph, sections II and V; 6, 16 and 34 of the Ley de la Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México; 1, 62, sections I, V and VI; 63 and 134 of the Estatuto Universitario and other related and applicable articles on the Legislación Universitaria.


Students, professors and alumni from national and international universities and higher education institutions to participate in the:

8th International University Visual Arts Biennial.

The Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, as a rational transmitter of culture, calls the University community to creatively act in this complex world we are living in, not to limit them into specialisation, but encouraging them to multidisciplinary deeds that leads to reflexive ethics, self-knowledge and solidary work aimed at the well-being of society.

Thus, part of our institutional mission is to craft the appropriate means for creation, dissemination and outreach of artistic productions and cultural activities, one of them is the 8th International University Visual Arts Biennial, which will allow participants to present different perspectives and approaches towards their surroundings, as well as to express human beings’ creative force, their interaction with both their environment and society.
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