In accordance with articles 1,2 first paragraph, sections II and V; 6, 16 and 34 of the Law of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico; 1, 62, sections I, V and VI; 63 and 134 of the University Statute and other related and applicable articles on the University Legislation.
students, faculty and alumni from national and international universities and higher education institutions to participate in the
8th International University Visual Arts Biennial

Fostering, identifying, recognising, and promoting creativity from students, faculty and alumni in the field of visual arts.

Theme: Creation in visual arts that addresses social harmony in the face of gender violence, and considering art as a bridge that leads to the transformation of our human condition in the quest for a better world.

Note: It has been observed a recurrent use of aggressive imagery with the purpose of addressing gender violence, leading to the creation of negative visual content. Thus, artists participating in this call are expected to find new ways of communicating without recurring to explicit violence.

Reference terms of this Biennial can be found at https://bienaldeartesvisuales.uaemex.mx/


1) Two-dimensional: Painting, photography, graphics, drawing, mixed media.
2) Three-dimensional: Sculpture, found object, installations.
3) Digital: Video, sound art, animation, art media, video installation.
4) Record of ephemeral art: performance, mapping, happening, land art.

Participants can apply to one of the following categories:

a) Students
Students from national or international universities or higher education institutions.

b) Faculty and alumni
Those belonging to the teaching faculty or alumni from national or international universities or higher education institutions.

Participants are committed to respond for the authorship and originality of the submitted works, discharging the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico from third-party claims.

Of the proposals restrictions
Each participant shall register one proposal only.

Overseas participants shall only submit digital pieces and record of ephemeral art.

The following are not allowed to take part in the call:

-Organizing Committee members
-Selection Committee members
-Jury members

Of the participants:

They shall present the confirming documents from the home university or higher education institution (IDs, receipts, diploma, or whichever document applies to the case of student, alumni and faculty).

Participants shall provide general data, such as name, age, gender, home university, and upload on PDF format an official ID (voter card, passport of the like), résumé, brief portfolio and the like requested on the website.

Attach photographs and/or digital documents that show the works participating at the Biennial for the Selection Committee and Jury to see (up to 5 photographs maximum file size 4 MB; in the case of videos and sound art, participants shall send a private-status YouTube link), filling in data and descriptions sheets of the registered piece.

Of the piece

Two-dimensional pieces shall have the maximum size and dimensions of 1.80 m x 1.80 m including frame or base in case it has one.

Three-dimensional pieces shall have the maximum size and dimensions of 1.80 m x 1.0 m x 1.0 m including frame or base in case it has one.

In the case of digital works or ephemeral works record, the maximum length shall be of 60 minutes.

Of the proposals restrictions

The Organising Committee will not accept pieces that represent a risk to individuals or public spaces, harmful to the environment or the facilities of the exhibition venue or surrounding areas.

Works that have been awarded or earned an honourable mention, or which are awaiting for results from other calls and/or competitions cannot participate.

Of the academic essay

When registering their works, participants shall include an academic essay that explains the piece, meeting the following criteria:

- Prose text, three pages maximum.
- Written in Arial font, size 12 pt., 1.5 spaced, pages numbered, 3 cm for both top and bottom margins, and 2.5 cm for both left and right margins.
- Include bibliography and quotes in APA format.

The 8th International University Visual Arts Biennial registration is only through the official website https://bienaldeartesvisuales.uaemex.mx

Each applicant shall provide the general data and attach the required documents in the corresponding format in said website.
- Confirm all data is correct at the end of the application
- All contact with the applicants will be through the email address they provide
- Note that only those participants who have fully completed the application on the Biennial website and whose works do not meet the restrictions stipulated in this call will be taken into consideration.

Application dates

The registration to participate in this biennial is from the publication of this call until October 30th 2020 on the website.

Note: Applications submitted past the registration period will not be taken into consideration.

The evaluation criteria will be outlined by the Selection Committee, which will consider the technique quality, the concept, and the thematic accordance of the registered works with the one stipulated in this biennial call.

The Selection Committee, comprising specialists in contemporary art, will select 50 pieces to be part of the digital Biennial exhibition and printed catalogue.

The selected participants will be notified by email from the following address inscripciones-bienal@uaemex.mx and will be published on the biennial website.

An email message containing the characteristics that the photographs and digital files of the works should meet, as well as reception dates will be sent to the selected participants.

The digital files for the 50 selected works shall be used in any mean and way, printed and/or through digital formats, or in any mean that the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico deems appropriate, for which a LICENSE OF USE format will be emailed to the participants.

From the 50 selected works, a Jury, comprising international specialists in contemporary art, will evaluate the selected pieces and will determine who the 3 top winners in each category are. The decision of the jury is unappealable.

The winners will be notified through email from the following address inscripciones-bienal@uaemex.mx and will be published on the biennial website.

The winners shall ship the physical works to the Centro de Innovación en Cultura y Casa de la Mora, located on Jesús Carranza # 105, Col. Francisco Murguía, Toluca Estado de México, from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 17:00 hrs. Tel. +52 (722) 5 42 55 11. The organizing committee will notify the winners when to do so.

If the piece is not in its best conditions, has been damaged during shipping, does not meet the stipulated criteria or does not coincide with the description entered in the biennial application, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to receive, disqualify, grant or deny the award, purchase, exhibition or publishing of the piece.

Likewise, the works shall come along with technical, technological and museographical support for their exhibition and functioning. An annex document on PDF format describing the pertaining specifications for the setting and exhibition of the piece should be included. In case of additional requirements, these shall be included and paid by the author. If it was necessary, the Organizing Committee is allowed to require the author’s presence for the setting of the piece.

The Committee reserves the right to exhibit and/or set the piece if it determines there are missing elements for doing so adequately.

The authors of the 50 selected works for the digital exhibition shall grant the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico the free and non-profit use of the works for their exhibition and addition to the biennial printed catalogue. The Institution shall acknowledge the authors’ intellectual property rights, for which a legal instrument shall be signed, in accordance with the current Federal Law for Author Rights and its regulations.

As for the awarded pieces, they will be part of the collection of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, who will at all times acknowledge the moral rights of participants, who claim the authorship and originality of their works, and take responsibility for any claims from third parties. Proprietary rights will be transferred through the signing of a legal document on favor of the institution and in compliance with the existing Federal Copyright Law and its regulation.

Authors will be emailed the corresponding format, a process that will be officialized by the Attorney General Office.

Expenses derived from the shipping of the winning works to UAEMex shall be paid by the author, as well as the insurance and all related to the transport of the piece to the Casa de la Mora facilities. The UAEMex takes no responsibility for the status of the works during transport.

For administrative purposes derived from the present call and/or in case of an exhibition opening or award ceremony, the travel expenses are to be paid by the participants.

Authors of the top three pieces in each category will be awarded the following prizes as purchase of their work:

Faculty and alumni

1st place
$150,000.00 MXN
2nd place
$100,000.00 MXN
3rd place
$50,000.00 MXN

  • Students

  • 1st place
    $100,000.00 MXN
    2nd place
    $50,000.00 MXN
    3rd place
    $25,000.00 MXN

    The awarded pieces in this call will be part of the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México cultural heritage, and may be used in any way and mean, printed and/or through digital formats or any kind UAEM deems appropriate.

    Participants shall meet all the requirements stated on the registration tab on the website.

    Cases not envisaged in this call shall be resolved by the Organizing Committee of the Biennial.

    The participation in this Biennial implies the reading and acceptance of the Terms and conditions.

    Unforeseen expenses derived from this call are to be paid by the participant.

    The Jury shall declare as void any categories when the works do not meet the requirements as stipulated in this call.

    Further information: (+52 722) 2 13 40 50 / 2 15 24 87 Lines: 110 / 115


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    Centro, 50000 Toluca de Lerdo, Méx.
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